1. I haven’t studied for Chem since last November. Time to take the final. :)

  2. I’m going on a little HIATUS.

    I’m signing a lease on Friday to my new apartment.  And I need to get everything situated. 

  3. That moment when the examples worked in class are about 1/2000th of the difficulty of the test.  And your professor doesn’t understand why the class average is like a 50.


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  7. Here’s a thought…

    I used to make websites and stuff to make money in high school.  Now that I’m in college, I kind of miss having something like a website to maintain.  I’m thinking about making a website for this blog. Except, I’ll have forums, different links/resources, etc. available.  It may take a few months, since I’m going to school year-round.  But, It’ll definitely happen.  I need to do stuff to help my resume anyway.  Think it’s a good idea?

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